Monday, 11 May 2009

Christmas In Lanzarote

Well I have been a busy scrapper this weekend, I managed to achieve 10 LO's on Sunday which is pretty good going for me!

I have 33 days to get this complete... eeeek!!!! I'm getting slightly stressed that the scrapbooking clock is ticking and the date is getting nearer and nearer!

I'm starting to have real doubts about whether she's going to like it and whether it's good enough... some pages I love and then there is some that I just don't like for one reason or another... I'm finding it hard to stay away from all the nice new stash I have bought which is meant to be going on scrapbooking for me!

I look at the old stuff and think why did I buy that but I am trying to force myself to use it up on this scrapbook album so that I get to keep and stoke all the good stuff for myself LOL!... Yes I am mad!

Anyway here's an example of a layout that I don't particually like! They emigrated to Lanzarote in 2000 lived there for 5 years before deciding to come back to the UK, but no one in the family could tell me when this was so I think I am going to have to leave this blank for now.

Not too sure who the paper is by but I know it came from Capture The Magic, the tree was a embellishment that I have had for a while and wanted to use it up because I don't really like it!


Made by Mandy said...

Kerrie, she is going to LOVE the scrapbook, I bet she'll be crying like a good 'un. It is such a personal thing she is bound to like it.

Loving the pages you have done so far and those Swarovski crystals yum yum yum....

BTW considering you don't 'do' orange, you do it very well :)

Keep up the hard work, it WILL be worth it :)

Leigh said...

I think you are doing extremely well Kerrie. I actually like this page and all the others too.

Clare said...

She is going to love her scrapbook hun and yep she's going to cry.

I think this is a great page and the tree works really well.