Thursday, 1 May 2008

13th Birthday Card

I find it really hard to make male cards, simply because when I buy my stash I am always drawn to the pink & girly stuff... I look at the stash suitable for men's cards and they just don't inspire me... So I don't buy it and then when it comes down to actually making a male card I go into complete panic mode... why can't I just use pink and flowers?! Although I do have an order for a gay pink card which is going to be very interesting!!

Anyway this card is for our Nephew, he's just started to get into music in a big way Iron Maiden is god apparently!! I got sent some wonderful templates by email a few months back that I had been meaning to try out and thought this was the perfect opportunity to try them!

Basically these templates start at 11 and go up to 100 and all you have to do is print the number onto card, it shows you where to fold the card and then you cut round the number... If anyone is interested in owning a copy of this please email me as I'd be happy to email you a copy :)

The 'Iron Maiden' is decoupaged although it doesn't show up very well... he opened it whilst I was on the phone and he was very excited about it, it's wicked apparently and he wants to frame it... awww bless him!!!
I was at my Stampers 10 group last night and had a lovely time, we all made a lovely pop up card, really impressed which how easy it was, I'll pop up a piccie of mine tomorrow!


LaneL said...

luv your works!

Clare said...

It's a great male card Kerrie. No wonder your nephew was impressed :o)

All Pink girl said...

Very cool card ,great work ,Dawnx

Colesclarke Cockers said...

Hi Kerrie had a grat time at Stampers 10 too love this card what a cool idea here is the e mail address of my friend I have e mailed her to let her know I have passed her address on she will be very pleased Denise Christensen is her name speak soon

Breathlessmiss (lol)

Leigh said...

Looking good Kerrie. Can't wait to see what you did at you Stampers 10 night.