Thursday, 22 May 2008

New Stash + Exciting News!!

Well here's the stash that I bought last weekend... hmmm papers.... I haven't bought papers in a while as I'd put myself on a paper ban because I have too many that I can't bare to use lol I thought if I banned myself I could actually start using the old stuff so I can make room for the new but walking into the shop I broke my paper ban within seconds!!

How on earth will I use any of these? Aren't they just lush?!! My other half spotted the scrapbook sign and bought it without me knowing!! The black circle on the first piccie is a spinning thing (technicial term lol) to sit under your craft bag so you don't have to pick it up... I know it sounds really lazy but I've wanted one for a while and it saves keep getting up!!

Now the really really really exciting news.... I've got a Saturday job... at CAPTURE THE MAGIC... OMG I am soooo excited about it, if you've never had the pleasure of setting foot into this place you are missing out big time... it's a crafters paradise!

You can spend hours in there, well I know I do lol Everyone is so friendly and there is sooo much stuff you can buy... I am so looking forward to it!!!! Yippeee!!!


Julia said...

How many papers Kerrie??!! My, you have a lot of nice new stash - you need to use some now!! Congrats on your job, you'll be in heaven every Saturday! xx

Leigh said...

Mmmm Mmmmm lovely papers Kerrie. I 'specially love that sign. rofl
Congratulations on your Saturday job. I wonder how much pay will go on stash from CTM and Stampin' Up? lol

Colesclarke Cockers said...

OMG Kerrie how exciting xxx Will look forward to seeing you there xxx

mum-on-the-run said...

Fab stash missus, love the sign!!

I've always been jealous you lived near CTM so naturally I'm now twice as jealous thst you'll be working there.. I hope Vikki knows what a great enabler she has working for her!! xx

Gemma said...

Dream job or what!!

Look forward to seeing you in there.