Sunday, 9 September 2007

Awww Best Blog Friend Award!

Awww isn't this cute?! I've been tagged by the very talented & famous Cheryl with the 'Best Blog Friend award'.... I'm so surprised to be picked because Cheryl's blog is so popular she normally has 30 odd comments a day!!

Cheryl's always been a great friend to me over the years and it's partly due to her why I started my own blog..... so thank you Cheryl!!

So with this tag you choose two of your best blogging buds and tag them with this very cute picture and they then go on to tag two of their friends etc etc.

So now I need to choose 2 people....

Kerryn - I've choosen Kerryn because I've known her via a crafty forum for what must be close to 3 years, she's a super special person, her cards are so pretty and she's one of those kind and thoughtful people which make the world a better place.

Marlou - I've choosen Marlou because I have admired her blog for a while now, before I started my own and would just lurk lol! She has fantastic talent and after being so poorly recently I thought this award would put a little smile on her face!

If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting these ladies blogs just pop by and have a little peek because you'll be so pleased you did!!


Marlou said...

thank you so much Kerrie, this is very sweet of you and has brought a smile to my face :) xx

Romain said...

Toutes mes félicitations pour ton travail qui fait rever un petit français comme moi! romain

mum on the run said...

You're a true friend Kerrie, and the first person I thought of!! Am glad you decided to start your own blog and show off your cards instead of squirreling them away, LOL!!

Great choices you made in Kerryn and Marlou too xx

Kerryn Groves said...

wow! that nearly made me cry. im so touched! u r wonderful too and have been a great friend to me through good and bad. i cant wait to finally meet u at ally pally!
thank u so much. im honoured to be ur friend xx