Saturday, 25 April 2009

14th Birthday card... hmmm Basic Grey!

Well I've had an eventful afternoon crafting... let me tell you... I have a bit of a reputation for needing to be kept away from sharp objecs because I tend to have accidents... I am a bit clumsey you see... well today is one of those days... There I was christening my lovely new fiskars knife (thank you Nikki!) when whoops not paying enough attention whilst cutting the numbers and sliced the top of my finger open... blood all over the birthday card I was making!

So after some choccie to make me feel better I had to start again with another card.... to be honest I am glad I did because I have to say I really like this card and the one I was making just didn't look right especially with my own blood over half of it!

Anyway this card is for our Nephew who's 14 next week, scary how time flies by... I have to be honest and say I really get stressed about male cards, normally leave them until the last minute because I have hardly anything in my stash that I can use... why can't they appreciate a nice pink flowery card!

I bought this Basic Grey paper pack lastmonth after seeing cards Becky had made with the same pack... I am so pleased I bought it! I've used Stampin Up Chocolate Chip as the main card stock, I think the colour works really well.

The little enamled tag is from a set I got for my birthday from Making Memories (thank you Becky!). Yet again you have come to my rescue!!


Anonymous said...

ooo I love this and Im sure your Nephew will too!

Sarn loves choc said...

Great card Kerrie. Perhaps you can use the one with blood all over it for hallowe'en? You know we crafters never chuck anything away!!!! ROFL xxx

Becky Stewart said...

OMG!!!! What are you like?! Love the card though!

Leigh said...

I like this a lot Kerrie. Mmmm don't think the other would have looked too good with all that gore on it. pmsl