Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I'm Back... I hope!!


Long time no post... past month has been very stressful and crafting has kinda gone out the window, just not felt up to it... but have managed to still buy a few crafty things!
In the past month we've had a car accident to deal with, the stress of chasing the insurance company after the car being written off, being without a car has been a big stress, we've been given an old banger to poodle around in locally but we can't use it on a daily basis.
Works been very stressful, been working through lunch breaks and coming home with headaches a lot recently then my Uncle was rushed into hospital last week with a suspected heart attack, which turned out to be a problem with his disc in his neck, he had an operation friday and hopefully is on the slow road to recovery.
Still enjoying my saturday job at Capture The Magic, unpacking all that lovely new stash is like having your own large parcel of goodies... I unpacked all the new Doodlebug stuff last weekend and it's gorgeous, I want one of everything but I was very good and came away with no shopping for a change!
Fingers crossed things are on the up now and I can get back to playing with my stash... thanks for taking the time to stop by!


Yvonne said...

Just wanted to say sorry you have had so much bad luck and keeping everything crossed for you that things are on the up!! Don't know how you've managed to any crafting but the results are lovely :-)

Julia said...

Hi Kerrie, I've missed your creations. Sorry to hear your bad news. Very pretty cards, tell me how you managed NOT to buy any new Doodlebug??!! xx

Sarn loves choc said...

Chin up hon . . . hopefully things are on the up for you and yours now. Very pretty cards BTW!

mum-on-the-run said...

I'm sure things will start getting better for you now hun.. if the old banger won't get you to CTM on Saturday I'll be only too happy to take your place ;)

Fab cards, the Magnolia one is gorgeous ♥

Clare said...

Yay it's great to see you back blogging hun (((hugs)))

Your cards are, as always, blooming gorgeous :o)

lots of hugs hun xxx

Lana said...

Hi, just found your blog, you are a girl after my own heart! I also love anything pink! Great work.
I can totally understand how you are feeling. We also had a car accident last month. We Have no car either. We are also waiting on the insurance, what a nightmare!!!

Becky Stewart said...

big hugs to you - I'm loving your new creations
I have left you an award on my blog so stop by and have a look when you get a minute.

Paula said...

lovely cards really like the last one.....Hope things have improved since this last post and hopefully we'll see more of your fab cards on here soon!


Hi Kerrie
You really have had a rough time of it lately, im sorry to hear that. I hope you have now managed to get back into your crafting. it looks like it from your latest creations. I have enjoyed reading your blog and would love to email you. Like you i work in a craft shop (occasionally) If you are interested in emailing please visit my blog and leave a comment and I will get back to you. Obviously no pressure. Take care, happy crafting. Linda x

All Pink girl said...

Arr babe ,i am so sorry to hear things are not to good at the mo ,
your cards are so beautiful ,take care Dawnx

Clare said...

Hiya hun, it was great to meet up again. We should do it again soon and ooooh maybe do some crafting LOL

I've tagged you on my blog

lots of hugs
Clare xxx

Leigh said...

Kerrie, I hope things are on the up and up now. Takes a while.