Thursday, 13 October 2011

Beach Boy Layout

I'm working on a top secret project at the moment... Paul's 40th birthday present.. Seeing as I made an album for his sisters 40th a few years ago I couldn't let the occasion go without doing something for him... I have to say it's been the hardest task I have ever had to do I think and what I mean by that is trying to keep this a total secret from him and sneaking around behind his back to do it!!

I am a dreadful liar apparently I have an very expressive face...I have had to go around for the past 8 months lying to him as to what I have made when he's gone off for a boys day out or when I am sneaking stuff out to go to a crop... my main problem is he actually takes an interest in what I do and that makes it so much harder!

He's almost caught me out about a handful of times now from coming home early to surprise me whilst I had everything laid out on my desk to most recently nagging at me to open a parcel from his mum which had photos for the album... I have another 10 months before it's got to be done so I dread to think what other lies are going to come out of my mouth... I just feel this is turning into quite a little monster all these little lies and I have no clue whether he's onto me or not!

Anyway I'm going to secretly start adding the LO's to my blog to share with the blog world... here is the first one of him in his younger years looking like the Milky bar kid LOL!

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